Four Years and Still Very Happy

I wonder if you remember doing an epoxy floor at (Dashwood Pl. in Meridian) about four years ago (three car bay with additional RV bay). You and your son did an amazing job with removing the previous failing floor finish and replacing it with an epoxy finish.

I recently mopped the floor during spring cleaning last week, and it looks great. Rust from snow shovels, dark tire marks from vehicles and the fifth wheel, salts, road grime, etc. came up with a simple mopping and the floor looks brand new. The epoxy with chips has camouflaged a less-than-optimal cold weather concrete pour and finish and any concrete pour flaws are masked very well.

We are often told that we have an amazing garage and our garage floor is beautiful.

If we haven’t complimented you before then the thanks are overdue. We are very pleased with the epoxy floor’s performance over the years, and have no regrets getting it done the right way vs. using our limited homeowner DIY skills.

Thanks again!

Malissa and Mike B.Meridian, ID